[SAP] Account Assignment Model [FI]

Hello, today I would like to tell you what is account assignment model in FI module, and how to use it.

Account Assignment Model

Account assignment model is a collection of line item, with posting key, tax code, or cost center. When you make posting, you can use this account assignment model to use the line items defined there.

Difference from post with reference

Maybe you think using the account assignment model is similar to post with reference. That is true that some part of the results from using account assignment model and case using reference document are the same, however, there is a difference as below.
Detail of posting with reference is explained here.

  • Multiple account assignment model can be used for posting
  • Account assignment model can be saved in incomplete status
  • Amount division to equivalence number can be used in account assignment model

First of all, account assignment model is not a document. When you want to post with reference, you need to specify which document to be referred, and here you can only use one document.

However, regarding the account assignment model, you can use account assignment model multiple times. This is more efficient for you to make postings in some cases.

The account assignment model is just a collection of line items, so there is no incomplete check, which is existing in accounting document on the other hand.

For example, if one line item in accounting document didn't have Cost Center even though the cost center assignment is mandatory for the account, there would be incompletion error and you cannot post the accounting document.

There should be cases that you don't see which cost center should be entered until the posting. For these cases, you can create account assignment model with account specified, but cost center fields kept as blank, so that you will enter them at posting moment.

The last and biggest difference is, the functionality provided by account assignment model to divide total amount in accordance with equivalence number. Detail is explained in later section, so here I would like to briefly explain the overview.

When you create account assignment model, you can assign equivalence number to each line item. Along with the number defined, the total amount entered at posting would be divided to each line item level.

This functionality is quite useful for posting indirect expense which is periodically incurred, to several cost centers.
(e.g. utility expense to R&D, Sales, Corporate department etc...)

You can decide whether you want to use this functionality or you want to specify the amount in the account assignment model, by 'equivalence to' checkbox.

Create Account Assignment Model [Tr: FKMT]

Then let's see how we are going to create account assignment model. With Tr-code: FKMT, you can create account assignment model.

In the first screen, you are required to enter the name of account assignment model, currency, chart of accounts, and so on. The next screen would depend on the status of 'equivalence to' checkbox.

If the checkbox is unchecked, the screen changes to that with amount fields. If the checkbox is checked, then the screen changes to that with equivalence number fields.

In these screen, you will enter posting keys, tax codes, Cost Center information, amount or equivalence number. Of source, account assignment model does not have incomplete check so you can leave some of them as blank.

Use Account Assignment Model in Posting [Tr: F-02]

Then, let's make posting with account assignment models. As usual, you can post with Tr-Code: F-02.

When you hit the 'Account Model' button at the header bar in the screen, you are asked about which account assignment model to be used. When you specify the name of the account assignment model, screen changes as below.

If you specify the account assignment model with 'equivalence to' checkbox unchecked, the amount for each line item are copied to the document or you need to specify them in this screen.

If you specify the one with 'equivalence to' checkbox checked, you are asked about total debit amount and total credit amount. When you enter these amount in the screen, the total amount is divided to each line item in accordance with the equivalence number defined in the account assignment model. This is quite useful.


Apart from post with reference, there are other functionality to make posting by referring the object, which is called as account assignment model.

Account assignment model can be applied to posting multiple times, and there is a functionality to divide total debit/credit amount to pre-defined ratio.

Thus, account assignment model can support you in case you need to flexibly handle the account code or amount for line item in posting.


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