[SAP] Post with reference [FI]

Hello, here I would like to share SAP standard functionality to post with reference.

There must be a moment that you feel you are trying to enter exactly the same or similar post that you made previously, and that you feel it's wasting time to enter every mandatory field for the posting.

Here, I would like to share how you refer the previous posting and make new posting efficiently.

I had provided General posting in SAP here before. If you have interest, please check it also.

[Tr: F-01] Sample Document

SAP has standard functionality to register sample document to be referred by users in future. Users can refer the sample document, and create posting by copying all the contents or some portion of the sample document.

When you refer the sample document, you can choose several options based on what document you would like to create. Of course you can copy the sample document as-is, but also you can create reversing document for the sample document.

Create Sample Document

To create the sample document, you use Tr-code : F-01. The way you enter the information on the sample document is the same as what you do with Tr-Code: F-02. Remember, this is a sample document so even you save the document, balance would not be changed but kept as-is.

[Tr: F-02] Post with Reference

Here, you can enter the document number assigned to the previous sample document, and specify how you would like to refer that document in Flow Control section. (e.g. Reverse, Update amount, etc.)

To post referring the sample document, you use Tr-Code: F-02, just as general posting. In the screen, you can see button 'Post with Reference', and when you click this, you can enter which document you would like to use as reference.

Post referring Sample document

Flow Control

Followings are major options you can select in Flow Control Section.

Generate Inverse PostingDocument to be created would have reverse posting key to the reference document (sample document)
Do Not Propose AmountsDocument to be created would have amount field for line item as blank, so that users need to enter manually
Display Line itemsDocument to be created would have the same information of reference document (sample document), and user need to check each line item one by one
Copy TextsDocument to be created woud have the same text for line item as the reference document (sample document)

Reference for actual posting

Above section was about posting with reference of sample document which you created with Tr-Code: F-01, but you can also create posting referring the actual posting.

To create new posting referring the actual previous posting information, you only have to enter correct document number for the posting in the Reference section.


SAP has functionality 'Post with Reference' in FI module. This is a functionality to generate new posting by copying all or some part of the posting created previously.

You can refer sample document created in advance, or actual posting to create new postings. By doing this, you don't need to enter all the mandatory fields in posting from scratch, and posting operation would be much efficient.


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